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[NI001] Jaffray Milton Rutherford B.S.A.

School B.S.A. from Ontario Agricultural College Guelph 1943
Occupation Farmer
Special Interests Scotland
Jaffray took over Lot 35 Concession A or Bayside Farm in 1940 when his father Thomas went off to the Second World War and has continued to farm this land to the present.

Friend Gelt Hoffman b.December 5, 1919 d.1996 wife Agnes Bumstead 1919-1992

[NI002] cousin Bev Cumming Birthday January 4
1st cousin Isabel Duval birthday May 1 (73 in 97)

[NI003] married rosalind zaporzan( b. march 20,1964) september 16, 1989
divorced july 4 1996

[NI005] married may 28, 1988 tracey bright b.june 24
divorced ?

[NI007] Brigadeer General Thomas Rutherford CBE.ED.

Occupation Farming (farmer)
Brigadeer General 1945 (soldier)
Chairman of V.L.A. & F.C.C. (public servant)
Special Interests Army
Thomas Rutherford took over Lot 35 Concession A or Bayside Farm on returning from overseas after the First World War where he rose to the rank of Captain.

[NI008] Occupation Homemaker - Housewife
Special Interests Division St. Church
Red Cross & family

[NI011] Occupation Farmer-Galloway Cattle Leith, Ontario
Special Interests Owen Sound Fair

[NI012] Occupation Homemaker-Housewife
Special Interests Scrapbooks & Quilts

[NI014] Occupation Farmer-Leicester sheep
Special Interests Leith Church
Malcolm took over the farm on Lot 35 Concession A Sydenham on his fathers death.

[NI015] Occupation Homemaker-Housewife
Special Interests Leith Church

[NI018] Thomas Rutherford worked at Minto House until he was twenty-two when he emigrated to Canada in 1834 along with his Uncle Hugh "Rutherfoord".
Thomas Kennedy's diary March 8th, 1834. " On the eigth of March the families of Dr. Swan. Hugh Rutherford, Robert Scott, and two young men Thomas Mann and Thomas Rutherford left here for America. May the providence of the almighty better their spiritual as well as their temporal conditions in a foreign land. "
Just before he left Scotland his third cousin Sir Walter Scott presented him with a cane.

They came to Galt or Dumfries as it was called in those days. Thomas worked as a butcher there until 1840 when he came to Owen Sound or Sydenham as it was then called as the assistant to the land agent John Telfer.

Thomas Rutherford was appointed by Land Agent John telfer in the year 1840 to be Purveyor for Government Stores in Sydenham ( now Owen Sound ).
He was the only white resident to over winter in Owen Sound in 1840. From 1842 to 1846 he kept a hotel on the South West corner of Poulett and Union Streets where Legates Furniture now stands.

In 1846 both he and Telfer moved to Leith, Telfer to build the first grist mill there and Rutherford to buy Lot 35 Concession A in Sydenham Township near the village.
After clearing the land he built both the present house and the barn and made two trips back home to Scotland.

[NI019] Pioneer Homemaker
Moved to Garafaxa road south of Rockford in1841 From Ardeonaig on Loch Tay in Perthshire, Scotland.

[NI022] General Labourer. South Lodge Ancrum.

Hedger and Pauper.

William Rutherford was gardener all his working life for Sir William Scott of Ancrum House and Janet Angus his wife worked for Lady Scott.
Elder of the church.

Died aged 83 years.Dropsy, many months.

[NI024] Landed Proprietor

Thomas Rutherfoord of Knowesouth had sasine by Crown Charter June 1 1758. He married Christine Elliot and had four children all of whom died young and the estate went to his sister Jean, who married Thomas Scoot Uncle of Sir Walter of Abbotsford. He also had four children by Ann Falla, Thomas, Charles, Hugh and William.

[NI025] Domestic Servant

[NI030] Spouses-William Young and David Rose

[NI031] Spouses-Elaine Wagner, Carol Muncaster, Dawn Diggins

carol muncaster b.july 7, 1940
daughter paula b.december 22

[NI038] Died on the boat coming out to Canada from Ardeonaig on Loch Tay in Perthshire, Scotland

[NI039] Arrived in Canada with five sons and two daughters.

[NI040] Pioneer Farmer

[NI041] Pioneer Homemaker

[NI042] Stone Mason

[NI043] Pioneer Homemaker


[NI060] KATE

Funeral service for William Shulkins, 83, owner of a stemfitting and heating company under his name, will be held Tuesday at High Park Baptist church with interment in Prospect cemetary. Mr. Shulkins, a native of Oakville, retired a year ago after 45 years in the heating business.
Greatly interested in home missions, he personally organized and conducted
church and Sunday school services in Lakeview, Grandview, Mimico and Humber Bay.He leaves two sons, Lawrence and Allen, and two daughters, Emily and Mrs. e. Hamilton

[NI091] Lived with her brother Malcolm

[NI150] Reverand William Bannerman

[NI170] Annan, Ontario

[NI172] farmer Rosedale Bruce twp. Chippewa Co. Mich.

[NI174] Annan, Ontario

[NI175] Agnes and Jack Armstrong (married to Jennie Sibbald) are brother and sister.

[NI177] John Armstrong and Agnes Armstrong (married to Robert Sibbald) are brother and sister. They are cousins of Mary Armstrong (married to David Sibbald) and Nancy
Armstrong (married to Andrew Sibbald).

Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

[NI179] Bellingham, Washington

[NI181] Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

[NI182] Never Married

Prospector Terrace, British Columbia

[NI183] Jeweler Trail, British Columbia

[NI185] August 7th William Rutherford Hind Nisbet Mill and Janet Angus, his wife had a daughter Born and Baptized the Eleventh day of October following named: Agnes.

Shepherds wife of William Hall.

Died aged 80 years. Cardiac Failure. General Debility. Softennl of Brain 6 mts.

[NI186] Shepard, Hownam, Scotland. Houdshall

[NI187] Teacher at Redpath, Parish of Earlston, Scotland.
On the 18th May, 1840 Henry Rutherford gave up the Side School at Redpath. It is now without a teacher and there is so far no appearance of anyone taking it.

[NI188] Housekeeper for Sir William Scott of Ancrum House.
Lady in waiting.

Died aged 83 years. Senile Decay. Heart Disease. Several Years. District Asylum

[NI191] August 22nd William Hall and Agnes Rutherford in Easter Grance had a daughter born 22nd August, 1849. named: Janet Angus.

Visited by Jaffray Rutherford's Aunt Jess Malcolm's daughter in Scotland.

Died aged 95 years. Chronic Myocarditis. Arterio Sclerosis

[NI193] Joiner.

Died aged 24 yrs. Phthisis. (T.B.). Several Months. Nicholas Furness, Father, Present.

[NI194] Ploughman, Bedrule.

[NI195] Hugh Rutherford is Thomas Rutherford's uncle. He came to Galt with Thomas and farmed there. His daughter Elizabeth was Mrs. Elliot and lived on the farm behind Gelt Hoffman's. His daughter MaryAnn farmed at Galt.

[NI196] Grocer and Carrier Hownam Valley.

Visited by Thomas Rutherford ( Jarrray Rutherford's Father) In Scotland.

Died aged 71 years. Senility

[NI197] Frozen in a snowstorm.

[NI214] John Rutherfoord was served heir 18th January 1728. He married Mary daughter of william Ker of Abbotule. The marriage was consumated in 1739 settling for 33,000 marks post nuptial 19th of May 1741.

[NI216] William Ker of Abbotule

[NI217] John Rutherfoord of Knowesouth married Isabella daughter of William Scott of Raeburn by his wife Ann daughter of Sir John Scott, Baronet, of Ancrum. Their marriage consumated 26 October 1711.

[NI219] William Scott of Raeburn

[NI220] Thomas Rutherford of Knowesouth married Cecila daughter of William Douglas of Ardit by his wife Agnes daughter of Patrick Scott of Kirkstyle who bought Ancrum and took designation therfrom.

[NI222] William Douglas of Ardit

[NI224] Patrick Scott of Kirkstyle bought Ancrum and took designation therefrom.

[NI226] Sir John Scott of, Baronet, of Ancrum

[NI227] Thomas Ruthirfurd of Ruchcastle or Knowesouth was served heir on 14th of March 1660. He married Isobel the daughter of Robert Ker of Linton, hereditary Bailie of Jedburgh Forest. Their marriage was consumated 27 February 1673.

[NI229] Robert Ker of Linton, hereditary Bailie of Jedburgh Forest

[NI234] Thomas Ruthirfurd had sasine by Charter under the Great Seal October 16, 1622 of Rouchcastell, Forest of Rouchcastell, and the Mains of Harden. He married Elizabeth Mader.

[NI236] Thomas Ruthirfurd had sasine of the lands of Nesbit in 1580.

[NI237] John Ruthirfurd of the Knowe in Nesbit was surtie with his brother Quinton for Ruthirfurd of Hunthill's sons in 1553.

[NI238] John Ruthirfurd of the Knowe in Nesbit was proclaimed a rebel with his brother Archibald February 26, 1506.

[NI241] Patrick Rutherford in Nesbit got sasine of Kelso Mill in 1500. He married Elizabeth grand daughter of Gavin de Halswell and Elizabeth his wife who had joint sasine of Elfwnhope, county of Roxburgh on 5th November 1426.

[NI242] Elizabeth Halswell gand daughter of Gavin de Halswell and Elizabeth his wife who had joint sasine of Elfwnhope, county of Roxburgh on 5th November 1426.

[NI243] George Ruthirfurd of Langnewton was forfeited of his lands of Sandystanys which were given to Patrick, Lord Bothwell on 16 February 1500. His wife Catherine Lyle, had liferent of portion of the lands by deed under the King's signet on November 8, 1498.

[NI245] George Ruthirfurde of Chatto had his charter confirmed in 1429, he was to "dilecto armigero Georgio de Ruthyrfurde filio Roberti de Ruthyrfurde
pro Bonis servitiis." His wife's Christian name was Elena.

[NI247] Robert de Ruthirfurde got the lands of Chattow and part of the regality of Sprouston which had been forfeited by Thomas of Chattow in 1424.

[NI248] Sir Richard de Ruthirfurde was the Abassador to England in 1398. He was Warden of the Marshes in 1400. In 1399 he and his five sons were taken prisoners along with Sir John Turnbull called "out with the sword" and were deemed men of such mark that they should not be ransomed or set free under pain of highest forfeiture. His wife was Jean Douglas.

[NI250] William de Ruthirfurde did not receive the honour of Knighthood as did his predecessors and son, having for some reason had his estates forfeited. He had a new Charter of them however in 1377 from King Robert II.

[NI251] Sir Richard de Ruthirfuirde was a witness to a deed of a gift from William de Felton to the Monastary of Dryburgh in1338.

[NI252] Sir Robert de Ruthirfuirde was a gallant supporter of Robert the Bruce. He was killed in Spain with "the good Lord James Douglas" on August 25, 1330.

[NI253] Sir Nichol de Ruthirforde was a friend and companion of Sir William Wallace and signed the Deed of Submission to Edward I, married Marjorie a near relative of Wallace's wife Marion Braidfute heiress of Lamington.

[NI255] Sir Nichol de Rothirforde appears named in a Charter by King Alexander III A.D. 1261 and as a witness to donations to the monastery of Kelso.

[NI256] Hugo de Rodirforde witnessed a Grant from Philip de Valoniis to Robert de Stutteville of Terpenhow Northumberland A.D. 1215.

[NI257] Robert Dominus de Rodyforde who witnessed a charter from King David I to Gervsius de Rydal A.D. 1140.

[NI262] Died in North Dumfries, At the residence of her son-in-law, George Cowan, Cedar Creek, today, (Friday), at 3 o'clock. March 15th,1878. Aged 70 Years.

Funeral, on Monday, the 18th inst., at 11 o'clock a.m., from Mr. Cowan's residence, Cedar Creek, to Galt Cemetary.

[NI266] Died in Galt, this ( Friday ) morning, at 10 minutes to one o'clock. May 10, 1889. Aged 80 Years, 5 Months and 11 days.

Funeral, on Saturday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from his late residence, Beverly St., to Mount View Cemetary.

[NI267] Died in North Dumfries, Sunday morning, at twenty minutes to nine o'clock. Apri 12, 1891. in her 64th Year.

Funeral, on Tuesday afternoon, 14th inst., at 2o'clock, from the residence of her husband, Lot 16, Concession 9, North Dumfries, to Mount View Cemetary.

[NI304] 1 Queens Crescent New Stevenson.

Died 72 yrs. Lobar Pneumonia 5 days. Thomas Hall, Husband, Present.

[NI306] Farmer

[NI308] Farm worker retired. Farm Cottages Bedrule, Denholm, Hawick.

Died aged 86 yrs. Sub Arachnoin Haemorrhage. Carcinoma of Bladder.

[NI312] Master Joiner

[NI351] Killed in American Civil War.

[NI362] Doctor

[NI373] Spinster

[NF001] Rev. Harold Vaughan of Division Street United